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Rio Grande do Norte is a fantastic place for both -to visit and live in! It prides with its good weather 365 days per year, with the most sunshine in Brazil and the purest, cleanest air in South America. You have more than 400kms of coastline to explore with some of the finest beaches in the country. There is plenty to see and do for the more adventurous types as well as the sun-worshippers. The local Brazilians are really friendly, always with a smile on their faces and make an effort to understand and help the unfamiliar visitor. The capital of Rio Grande do Norte is Natal with one of the biggest international airport of Brazil. Natal offers attractions including a modern, dynamic urban centre with state of the art shopping malls, good selection of water sports, high quality range of restaurants and great nightlife all infused with Brazilian colour and hospitality.



Key Points: New airport. Great access to the Northern Coast beaches. Lots of beachfront land for sale. Lower prices. Higher investment returns. The possibility of buying and owning beachfront property at an affordable price is still a possible to achieve in this North Coast of Natal and this is where your investment choice will pay dividends in 3-5 years’ time! Land prices here per square meter are currently 4-5 times lower than in the more built up areas of southern coastline with many more oceanfront, ocean view, land parcels and vacation homes available for sale. The northern beaches of Natal have better road access into Natal city, equally beautiful beaches and authentic brazilian beach communities with little commercialization. The key investment potential factor here is proximity to the new international airport. The airport São Gonçalo do Amarante is strategically located on the north side of Natal, closest to the northern beaches and the economic development impact is likely to be immediate and substantial started in 2014. We understand that future development will be selective and concentrated in certain oceanfront towns. The main beaches to look out for due to their beauty, natural characteristics, current attractions, approved resorts and available beach space are Genipabu, Muriu, Caraubas, Maracajau and Sao Miguel do Gostoso. Come and make most of the moments of today golden memories of tomorrow!

***Property prices is in Brazilian Reals, Dolar price it depends of the exchange of the moment***






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