The surroundings have a lot of richness and incredible diversity. In addition to the buggy and quad rides through the nearbysurroundings, you can also go further and visit the havens like São Miguel de Gostoso which is ideal for lovers of Windsurfing. You can do sandboarding or ride a camel in Genipabú's dunes, know the biggest world's cashew of Pirangi, visit the beaches of Natal or enjoy Pipa, a chic and lovely town highly cosmopolitan where enjoy the beaches, nightlife and enjoy sports such as Kitesurf, Surfing, Jet Surf or Stand up paddle surf, among others. You can not miss Maracajaú and surroundings!



The beautiful beach of Caraúbas is only at 5 kms. to the south of Maracajaú. Strolling from the reddish cliffs to the tip of the beach is highly recommended. Depending on the tide, sometimes you can see sea turtles there. Further in the route, just before you reach Barra of Maxaranguape (11 kms) , you can visit the Tree of love, a " hug " of two gameleiras the typical tree of the region. The tree is called like that because the two cups of the trees have merged into one. Girls who wish to marry tie threads at the roots. After this obligatory stop , you can visit Barra beach, protected from waves by a magnificent strip of sand surrounded by coconuts. It reigns a great tranquility in the place where the river meets the ocean. You can make a boat trip in the natural pools 4 km away.


You can reach Genipabú by the BR- 101 or cross the Ceará Mirim river by ferry. At 34 kms. to the south from Maracajaú, one of the best ways to know the dunes of Genipabu is by buggy but can also make an exotic dromedary's ride through Pitangui Lagoon. Also in Jacumã Lagoon, the fun is when you are going up and down the dunes using a wooden board or a zip wire. The sunset in Genipabú dune is wonderful, you can't miss it!


Natal means Christmas in Portuguese. As its name indicates, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte was founded in 1599 by the Portuguese. At 55 kms. to the south from Maracajaú. Also known as the City of Sun because has more than 300 days of sunshine per year, is a great destination to relax and enjoy the numerous blue and transparent beaches. The most cosmopolitan area is Ponta Negra, which has an excellent tourist infrastructure and lifenight. Besides the beaches and the famous Morro do Careca's duna, tourist can also do shopping, visit the Forte dos Reis Magos, the Ribera neighborhood, Maranhão Theatre, the Museum of Popular Art, the Park of the dunes or the City Park Don Nivaldo Monte with monuments of Oscar Niemeyer architect. The sun, the purest air in America according to NASA and the nightlife make this city one of the most privileged spots of the Brazilian coast.




In Portuguese Gostoso means delicious. That's what São Miguel de Gostoso is: a nice place to go. At 55 kms. to the north from Maracajaú, is a very touristic place and has several wild beaches. São Miguel it's the paradise for sailors from all over the world because of the winds. It's also a perfect place for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. You can find nice bars and restaurants by the beach. Try the local seafood, it's delicious.



At 11 kms. to the north from Maracajaú, the best way to reach Punaú is by buggy . Where Punaú's river meets the sea is a unique place with dunes and coconut trees forming a beautiful setting. Some leisure facilities offered are kayak tours, ride horse and "esquibunda", descend the dune in a small plank of wood that slides to fall into the water.




Pipa is a chic, charming and highly cosmopolitan town where you can enjoy numerous incredible beaches, swimming with dolphins and turtles and enjoy sports like sports like Kitesurf, Surfing, Jet Surf or Stand Up Paddle Surf, among others. At 120 kms. to the south form Maracajaú, Pipa is an ecological place and also an international meeting point with beautiful shops, world gastronomy and nightlife. Pipa is ideal for everybody.



The wonderful peninsula of Galinhos is surrounded by dunes, salt lakes, beaches and turquoise blue river. At 100 kms. to the north of Maracajaú. The place is beautiful and rustic, with sandy streets where you can take wagon rides. Currently, Galinhos has emerged as a new tourist destination due to its deserted beaches and the preserved landscape in the region. Its main attraction is the lighthouse Beach where you can do Kitesurf, Windsurf or more sports. The tourist can visit Galinhos and the surroundings by buggy or by boat. To reach Galinhos can go take a buggy or 4x4 or leave the car in free parking area and cross the river by boat that cost 5 RS round trip. Galinhos is a lovely place to know!






The Pirangi's cashew is the largest cashew tree in the world, located in the North of Pirangi beach, at 75 kms. to the south of Maracajaú. The tree covers an area of 8500 m² with a perimeter of 500 m and produces about 70 to 80 thousand cashews in harvest, equivalent to 2.5 tons. At harvest time, from September to December, visitors can taste the cashew fruit while go around the tree. The cashew tree had been planted in 1888 by a fisherman who died at the age of 93 under the cashew tree shadows. To see the cashew tree, a fee of 8.00 RS per person is charged.



If you want more information about the distance from Maracajaú, link here.

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