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Maracajaú, also known as the Caribbean of Brazil, is surrounded by beautiful beaches, dunes, lagoons and palm trees where you can ride by buggy, quad bike or horse. With over 300 days of sunshine for year, warm water and the best air in America according to NASA, Maracajaú is a small village of fishermen famous for its barrier reef known as the Parrachos. With a beautiful and rich marine fauna and flora, the Parrachos is considered one of the top 10 sites of Brazil to practice snorkeling and scuba diving. Besides the natural beauty of the place, Maracajaú also has the Ma-noa Park, a water park with one of the best recreational facilities of Rio Grande do Norte. Maracajaú is a perfect place to spend your holiday & relax!


Maracajaú has one of the finest marine ecosystems of northeastern brazilian coast. The Parrachos is a coral reef that cover an area of thirteen square kilometers, located seven kilometers away from the coast. Household of hundreds of species, multicolored fish, crustaceans and and mollusks, Maracajaú's coral reef are part of the Environmental Protection Area of Rio Grande do Norte Coral Reefs ( APARC -RN ) since 2001. During outgoing tide, the corals become a huge natural pool of clear water, with depth ranging between 1.0 to 3.0 m.



Fifteen-minute speedboat ride or thirty minute ride with a catamaran are enough to travel between the beautiful waterfront and the coral reef. When you arrive at the marine conservation reserve you can choose to make snorkel or scuba diving. Many tourists enjoy the excellent natural conditions of coral reef to make the baptism (first diving experience) with qualified professionals. The boats leave the beach early in the outgoing tide and come back with flood tide. Diving when depth is between one and two meters range that allows better visibility of marine fauna. The tour lasts about two hours. During their stay, tourists can also take drinks and eat snacks offered in floating support vessels that are permanently moored at sea.


The best way to know Maracajaú area is with the tours that are offered by many companies of the place. The buggy and quad rrides feel like a rollercoaster ride that goes up and down the dunes through clear lagoons, rivers, beautiful beaches and the surroundings such as Pititinga, the Big Baiao Lagoon, Guaxinin and Punaú rivers, among others. The horse ride along the beach, lagoons and dunes is more relaxed but highly advisable. Maracajaú and the surroundings are a true natural park of fun. Throughout this supply of natural charms of the beaches, combined with exciting scenarios and an excellent tourist infrastructure, Maracajaú summons and entices all ages.



Maracajaú is the perfect place for sports lovers. Maracajaú's breeze is great for lovers of Kitesurf who are now coming increasingly around the globe to revel in this sea of paradise and wind. In addition to sea sports as Diving, Snorkelling, Windsurfing or Stand up paddle surfing, you can also do Kayak in the surroundings of Maracajaú. In the evening the best idea is go to the “Morro da Prazinha”, the largest dune of Maracajaú to do sandboarding and see the magnificent sunset or do capoeira with the local people.


The surroundings have a lot of richness and incredible diversity. In addition to the buggy and quad rides through the nearbysurroundings, you can also go further and visit the havens like São Miguel de Gostoso, ideal for lovers of Windsurfing; make sandboarding or ride a camel in Genipabú's dune; know the biggest world's cashew of Pirangi; visit the beaches of Natal or enjoy Pipa, a chic and lovely town highly cosmopolitan where enjoy the beaches, nightlife and enjoy sports such as Kitesurf, Surf, Jet Surf or Stand up paddle surf, among others. You can not miss Maracajaú and surroundings!



Maracajaú is a wonderful fishermen town very traditional that have some scarcity as not having ATM or gas station. These are in Barra de Maxaranguape (at 11 kms). However, you can pay by card in stores and buy gasoline in a small shops.

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